‘Achievers Motoring School’ offers primarily ‘manual’ car tuition, but we are planning to open up our services to ‘automatic’ in the near future. We personally advise our students to take up manual as it gives the competence/qualification to drive any kind of car.

Furthermore, lessons can take place at odd hours. For instance, when last year, one student had his examination at 8 o’clock, the examiner found it no problem to fix a lesson at 6 to make sure that the student was completely ready to succeed in the important exam that followed.

Therefore, time-wise, ‘Achievers’ is very flexible and always seeks to accommodate the needs of the students. Lessons can be 45 minutes minimum, and two hours maximum.

The cars that are utilized for the lessons are top-notch in terms of accessibility, hygiene, and handling. The vehicles are air-conditioned to make the lessons more comfortable for who’s learning, power -breaks , power-steering, and adjustable seats that are convenient enough to accommodate anyone (seats can even be moved down for shorter people).

Finally, the student is always picked up from his own pick-up point and dropped off at whichever destination is need. Most importantly, the instructors always pick up their students right on time, and just in case they might arrive a tad late, the student would always be advised before.