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Enter the world of Puglia(Italy), in the centre of Valletta, by the coast, with specialized tastes from the kitchen of Puglia, for fine dinning.
Accompanied by a vast selection of wines, greated by our friendly Italian team.

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Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria, located in a beautiful square in the center of Valletta with an amazing views of the sea.


Misrah Mattia Preti
Valletta, Malta
Call 7902 4143

The Malta Experience


“The Malta Experience is an audio-visual show that tells the dramatic story of the islands’ 7000 year history. Educational, dynamic, and entertaining – the show runs through the turbulent history of a small island nation that has overcome almost unimaginable odds to survive and prosper. A must for visitors to our historic islands!”

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Situated in a purpose-built panoramic auditorium, the show chronicles Malta’s unique history in just 45 minutes.
A must-see audio-visual treat, The Malta Experience will enrich your understanding of the islands, its people and the places you’ll see on your visit. Through beautiful imagery and a gripping commentary, The Malta Experience, the island’s premier audio-visual show has enthralled over 4 million visitors.